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Benefits of having your products delivered to your home

We all know shopping for the product listed on our website can be a bit awkward or embarrassing.  Some of our customer have mobility issues and find it difficult to go to a store in person.

Here are the benefits of home delivery:

Avoid Awkwardness:

It can be sometime awkward asking a store clerk personal questions about product use whilst other people are in the store. You can ask us anything by email or our messaging app and we will answer you promptly.

Discreet Packaging:

Our products are delivered to your home in a discreet box. For your eyes only.

Avoid driving or relying on other people for help:

Some of our customers have limited transportation due to their mobility issues. Home delivery ensures that you do not have to worry about getting to the store or relying on anyone else to get your product

Save Money:

Our products are much cheaper than what you would find in a store because we do not carry the extra cost of running retails stores. Our savings are passed on to you.

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Jeanne - April 4, 2020

Order # 7518
Website says shipping 1-3 days.
I would like to know when to expect delivery.
Credit card was charged.l
I want my order now.
You did not answer my emails or telephone call.
Contact me asap.

Christina - March 30, 2020

RE: Order number 5217.
Ordered 18March.

The company did contacted me.

When I ordered the product, it was available, but now they say covid-19 related delays… 4-6weeks (as if they were out and I pre-ordered).

Seems like a good company, but I wish I was one of the one’s that got the product I ordered. I am so angry because it was available… that is why I chose those specific products.


Christina - March 28, 2020

Order number 5217.
Ordered 18March.
Website says free shipping 1-3days.
Credit card was charged.
Day 10, and it appears you have not mailed it.
And you have not responded to my voicemail or emails.
My concern is no response~ I need what I ordered.

Joselito Legaspi - March 25, 2020

How do we track of deliveries??

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