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Green Ginger Tea Bags | 24 per Box

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Tazo Green Ginger Tea is a soothing and calming tasting tea blend inspired by the mix of the classic green tea with ginger and pear to recreate the essence of a truly tropical tea. The ginger green tea blend is carefully presented in 24 individually wrapped tea bags to preserve the all its amazing properties! This tea is packaged perfectly to grab one tea bag and take it with you on the go. Allowing you to enjoy a cup of Green Ginger tea anywhere you go. Add one green ginger tea bags to your favourite cup, top it up with hot water and let it brew for 3 mins to enjoy the vitality inside. Shhhh, keep the secret! At Tazo, we believe each cup should be filled with deliciously vibrant flavours that add a little passion to your day
Tazo sources our teas, spices and botanicals from communities around the world. In partnership with Mercy Corps, Tazo is working to create lasting change in these communities. Mercy Corps is empowering people in more than 40 countries to recover from crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good. Healthy people are more able to contribute positively to their communities. Tazo and Mercy Corps partner to improve community wellness through education initiatives and increased access to clean water and health services.
With Tazo, you can enjoy unexpected blends that delight the senses. You don’t just sip – you sip joyfully.
• Tazo Green Ginger Tea adds a thrilling twist to a classic green tea for a fresh taste and a calming sensation.
• A soothing and calming tasting tea blend made by mixing classic green tea with ginger for an extra boost.
• Expertly sourced ginger green tea, quality tasted for you to savour.
• You will enjoy the soothing sensations of a green tea with a ginger spice kick and a sweet note of pear to recreate the essence of a truly tropical tea.
• This combination of ginger green tea is the perfect zing to your day.
• Hint: have you noticed the elegant note of lemongrass? Shhhhh, that’s the secret!